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Workshare Secure

We’ve evolved our understanding of metadata to create a Data Loss
Monitoring solution specifically for the legal industry. A firm’s IT
and risk functions can protect files shared across the business and use this
data to understand if a data loss event or ethical wall breach may have occurred.

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Prevent data loss: More about metadata cleaning

When you’re sending high stakes documents, protect your clients, their information and your reputation. Identify and remove sensitive metadata using Workshare, however you share.

Automatic metadata cleaning

Without disrupting your workflow, documents can be cleaned of sensitive metadata before they’re shared. Your firm’s security policies can be applied to different sharing platforms, and in the blink of an eye any sensitive content is removed, protecting your files and your reputation.

File protection everywhere

Integrated with Outlook, a DMS or other sharing platforms, Workshare can automatically scan files for sensitive metadata and quickly remove it before sharing occurs. Regardless of the device being used, hidden metadata can be detected and cleaned, reducing both compliance and commercial risks.

Data loss monitoring

Risk Analytics has been developed in conjunction with an advisory group of leaders in the legal industry. It enables you to analyze your firm’s entire mail flow and identify any breaches of policy or firm-specific guidelines in files being shared or uploaded. The Risk Analytics feature set builds on Workshare´s metadata cleaning technology and shares the same performance benefits to minimize disruption to the end user.

Comply with policy & guidelines

Information Security teams can report, monitor and control distribution of sensitive matter files. Every file shared is scanned, and the recipient and destination checked against policy to ensure compliance with your outside counsel guidelines. This is the first solution configured specifically for legal teams and sensitive enough to monitor the content being exchanged.